GOLDMAN Syringe Pump

User Manual GOLDMAN.pdf

Unique Mechanical Structure

Goldman Injector Pump AR-03 model, the syringe block is not on the device but on the front side. In this way, liquid flows that may occur during placement and disassembly of the syringe and leaks that may occur during use will be prevented from flowing on the device. Both ease of use and damage to the device will be prevented and the life will be extended. In addition, the internal mechanical motion bed used in the AR-03 is a more rigid structure that can move in a single axis instead of the conventional gear-belt structure. Thanks to this structure, the movement accuracy of the pusher block is increased and the total error margin is reduced as a result.

LCD Display and Easy-to-Use Keypad

Operation and programming steps can be seen in the blue light LCD. It controls operation and programming with easy-to-use control panel. Numerical keypad facilitates the use of the injector pump. The Goldman Injector Pump has a 4 x 20 character LCD display, which has the widest display capability among equivalent products. This made it possible for the Goldman Injector Pump to be used easily and to monitor the process easily.

Two Way Operation

The Goldman Injector pump can be operated in two directions. There are two directions of force that push and pull the syringe. This allows the pump to be programmed and injected into the injector without removing the injector and then transferred to the system. In Goldman Injector Pump Ar-03 model, pusher block positioning is done with the arrows on the keypad.

Smooth Flow

The Goldman Injector Pump is streamed with increasing microsteps. The Goldman Injector Pump uses a 200 × 8 step/speed controllable motor. The ability to control the engine speed with high accuracy makes it possible to achieve pulse-free flow with high accuracy.

Automatic Stop Control

The Goldman Injector Pump has an automatic attitude detection system. If high pressure is detected in the flow system, the injector is terminated or the injector is in the mechanical set position, the pump can stop automatically. This avoids mechanical deformation and makes it easy to use the Goldman Injector Pump.


The Goldman Injector Pump is programmable. Ninety-nine different phases can be defined and infinite functionality can be achieved through the use of loops that can be included in the program. Programs can be made using the Goldman Injector Pump keypad as well as using the Goldman Injector Pump Software. The greatest advantage of the Goldman Injector Pump Software is that the programs can be saved and transferred to the Goldman Injector Pump via USB connection if necessary.

Ability to Use Syringes of Different Sizes

The Goldman Injector Pump is designed to be usable with injectors of different sizes. The internal diameter of the injector used can be entered into the Goldman Injector Pump to provide the flow rate at the desired speed. The Goldman Injector Pump can be used with injectors with very small internal diameters (<1 mm) or with large-volume injectors with a diameter of 30 mm. This made it possible to use the Goldman Injector Pump at a very wide flow rate range (0.1μl / h-30 ml/min).