The company started its operations in Ankara in 2005 and continues to develop uninterruptedly. Biasis, an R&D company, has realized the projects in the field of food since 2005. In addition, he is also the distributor of major companies such as Megazyme Inc, SciAps, Microfluidic Chip-Shop, Platypus Tech and Ocean Nanotech. Biasis is an organization that actively continues to work for providing fast and better service to our country. BIASIS provides all kinds of products that support the activities in food, medicine and biochemical fields with reliable distributors to all suppliers in Turkey and offers its transportation with wide product range options. It aims to give importance to innovative, trustworthy and respectful working principles to the people and organizations that we serve and work with. Beside R&D and distributorship services , Biasis is on the way to be a product development company. It offers harmonised standard or option to its competitor by customizing its preferred production ; it outdoes about quality, flexibility, reliability and efficiency and it has advantages in this regard. The company has begun to take its place among the pioneering scientific studies in the sector by offering a product that is more suitable for the needs of customers compared to existing products in the market. The aim of Biasis is to standardized the products that are specially produced, to provide new employment opportunities and to announce its name abroad with its products. Biasis aims to provide services in the field of distributorship, R&D consultancy, 3D printing, Megazyme kit analysis without ignoring the requirements of the customers.
Biasis has been spoken about its name in the industry with its successful R&D studies. The company has made it possible for Turkey to use Smart Label in food sector and has even signed the leading scientific studies in the world.
Our vision
In Turkey and in the world, it is to become a leading technology company producing proactive solutions in internationally accepted standards based on research and development.
Our mission
Biasis has created a structure that produces dynamic and fast solutions to the needs of private and public institutions with its experience and know-how.
Our strategy
To be in the forefront of the sector with products that can be used in the food technology field in Turkey and respond to the needs of the target audience; to get into an efficient partnerships; to provide new employment opportunities by strengthening our financial structure with our customer-focused approach and to announce our products abroad with our products.
Our Quality Policy
Biasis Biyoteknolojik Analiz Sistemleri Labaratuvar Malzemeleri Enerji Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd.Şti., we develop innovative and effective products in all fields of technology, especially food, which has validity all over the world, taking advantage of R & D resources and university-industry collaboration power in Turkey. While developing the products, we give the necessary attention without siftting out the views of the target groups from our own opinions and deliver them to the owners who will use the product.
Scientific Approach
Biasis approaches scientifically to the problems in all the processes. Analyzes, predicts. Obtains experiences from the solutions it produces. Transfers the solutions to other processes.
Usable Designs
Biasis determines the needs of the target kit accurately. It develops the products that are most suitable for them. It sees the target audience as a stakeholder in every step from the beginning to the end of the process and offers the best proposal in the light of standards.
We're Together Always
Biasis wishes all stakeholders to be together in the process of designing and testing the products and knows that every idea is valuable. It gives the necessary attention.
We're Everywhere
Biasis is always with its product after it delivers the product. It also provides a support service that can be reached 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Unsustainable Project has Unsuccessful
Biasis follows the project output using all the facilities after the completion of the project.